Magic Eraser Vanishes After the Latest Google Photos Update on Pixel 6, Google Working on a Fix

Recently, Pixel 6 users received an update to the Google Photos app, bringing the version to However, users have been reporting that the update has removed the Magic Eraser feature on their Pixel 6 phones. According to the users who updated the Google Photos app to v5.67, the Magic Eraser feature from their devices has vanished, and they’re unable to get it back. However, Google is aware of the issue and has said that a fix is on the way.

Magic Eraser is one of the Pixel 6’s big features that allows users to remove unwanted objects or people from their photos. But it seems like Google accidentally pushed the wrong build without the Magic Eraser feature. Fortunately, users who downloaded the affected version of Google Photos (v5.67, according to the reports) need not worry: Google says it’s working on a fix. Just wait for a new update on the Google Play Store.

How to Bring Back Magic Eraser on Pixel 6

As said before, Google is already aware of the issue and has removed the affected version from the Play Store. In a statement to The Verge, a Google spokesperson said that the company “identified an issue early in the rollout of [its] latest Photos update and are providing a fix shortly.” But if you’re not patient enough to wait for the next update then you can do the following workaround:

First of all, if you’ve downloaded the affected Google Photos build (v5.67), uninstall it from your Pixel 6. Next, download the previous build, i.e., Google Photos v2.66, from APKMirror and install it on your device. Doing this should bring back the Magic Eraser tool on your Pixel 6.

Of course, you can update it again to the new v5.67 build, which Google has promised to release through the Play Store soon.

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