Mariska Hartigay hospitalized after sustaining multiple leg injuries

Mariska Hargitay who portrays the role of Captain Olivia Benson just posted a new photo on Instagram showing off her knee brace. The actress who reunited with co-star Christopher Meloni on the sets of “Law & Order: Organized Crime” posted the image on Instagram announcing her recent dramatic ordeal when she got multiple leg injuries.

Mariska Hargitay sustains multiple leg injuries

According to the update, Mariska went to a doctor, got an MRI done to find out she has sustained multiple injuries. This includes a broken knee, a torn ligament, and a hairline fracture in her ankle.

She announced the same as a caption below the image posted on Instagram with hashtags “#ListenToYourBody #StayStrong #BustingPerpsWithBustedKnees #TrustTheExperts among others.

Mariska Hartigay hospitalized after sustaining multiple leg injuries

She later updated her fans that her doctor said that she doesn’t need surgery which is definitely great news for her supporters.

Many celebrities, friends, and fans have expressed support to the Law and Order: SUV actress. This includes Kathryn Gallagher who said, “#braceyourself is really doing it for me rn these hashtags are some of your finest”. Danielle Monetruitt said, “Damn woman!! Glad you don’t need surgery! Rest up”. Demi Lovato said “Omg!! Feel Better!!” and more.

Of course, there is a tonne of comments from other celebs like Grace Gaustad, Adam Rosante, Melanie Dunea, Ryan Buggle to name a few. Mariska’s post has since received more than 228,327 likes at the time of writing this. She has also been praised for captioning hashtags and this concretes why she is also referred to as the queen of hashtags.

Mariska will be seen in the show Law and Order: Organized Crime along with Christopher Meloni and others. Mariska Hargitay is an actress, executive producer, and director and married to Peter Hermann since 2004. She made her debut on television with Downtown as Jesse Smith in 1986 and will be reprising her role as Olivia Benson in Law & Order: Organized Crime. Her last movie was “I am Evidence” which is a documentary. Other movies include “The Love Guru”, “Tales from Earthsea”, “Bank Robber”, “Leaving Las Vegas” among others.

She won the People’s Choice Awards for The Drama TV Star of 2018 among many other nominations and winning many of them.

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