Marvel Crisis Protocol blows it out of the park with Mystics vs. Dormammu New Trailer

Atomic Mass Games came out with a new teaser video for Marvel Crisis Protocol. With a massive miniature Dormammu in their bag this time, the fans have a lot to look forward to, from them. 

Marvel Crisis Protocol is a tabletop miniature game containing everything good and bad from the Marvel Universe, from heroes to villains. Players get a chance to paint, collect and assemble some highly detailed plastic miniatures and have a blast with them. It is an interactive game that gives you a chance to make your Marvel-inspired dream team and pit it against forces of your choosing. You even get to choose your own terrain and have a chance of powerful faceoff something only possible in Marvel films and shows. 

This time the fans are promised a multidimensional showdown with the premiere of the new character packs, including their largest miniature ( if you can call it a miniature !) yet of Dormammu, which will possibly tower everything on your board. The other characters included in this new big release are, Clea, The Ancient One, Doctor Voodoo, Doctor Strange, The Hood ( which comes in 2 different sizes), and Mordo 

The game will see the battle of two players against a third player, where the third player will control the Dormammu. Dormammu is part of an enigmatic race made of pure mystical energy, he is one of the biggest foes of our much-beloved character Dr strange. He represents a large threat to our realm, hence adding him to the Marvel Crisis Protocol amps up the danger to another level (as if his height wasn’t daunting enough). 

The Dormammu box CP 33 will include a miniature Dormammu ( Twice as tall as previously released Thanos), 34 tokens, 3 tip cards, 2 ultimate encounter stat cards, a rule book, An affiliation card, 2 Dimensional rift miniatures, a Mystic Surge card, and 2 Team Tactic cards. Pre-orders are open now as well!

The other packs are also up for grabs, don’t forget to give them a look as well, Mordo and Ancient One, Doctor Voodoo, and Hood, Doctor Strange, and Clea, and Sanctum Sanctorum Terrain Pack.

Seeing the Ruler of Dark Dimension enter Marvel Crisis Protocol with one of the largest Minature, we cannot wait to know what’s next. CP 37 Amazing Spider-Man & Black Cat, CP 48 – Blade and Moon Knight, CP 50- Carnage, and Mysterio are some other boxes that are brewing excitement in the hearts of fans. 

Marvel Crisis Protocol packs

Doctor Strange, Clea, Doctor Voodoo, and the Ancient One battle Dormammu, Mordo, and the Hood across dimensions in September 2021.

Do you think you have what it takes to overpower Dormammu and win? Let us know 

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