Matrix 4: Here is All you need to know about it!

Matrix 4 is one of the most awaited films of this year, yet we have very little knowledge about what it is going to show up with. The fourth movie in the already existing franchise of three has been keeping most of the working to itself, but we have gathered all the bits and pieces for you in one place. 

Fans have been eagerly waiting for some sneak peek into the premise of the movie, considering that there is not much time for the movie to release officially on December 22nd this year, Yet there is a severe drought of information and an insider look at the movie. This could be accounted to the Covid pandemic, but now that it is back in action and filming we bring you all there is to know about it. 


Trailer of Matrix 4

Sorry to disappoint you Matrix-loving fans, but there is no trailer or even a teaser in sight yet where Matrix 4 is concerned. At this time I should be writing about the post-trailer-spoilers and speculations yet there is not even a teaser to write about. But the film is all set to release on December 22, 2021, we can only hope that the trailers would be coming out soon. Make sure you keep your eyes glued here for them.

When and where will you be able to see it? 

Matrix 4 was supposed to debut on May 21, 2021. But due to COVID-19, it couldn’t continue with its production, it seems like even Matrix was not able to overcome the impossible. It was then rescheduled for April 1, 2022. However, it was as if they felt we were unhappy with the delay and gave us a gift by moving up the date of release to December 2021, which is now the official date of release. 

Hence this gift is all set to be unwrapped during the holiday season. The probability is high that you will be able to watch the movie on HBO Max but make sure you support the movie by going to theatres as well (But prioritize safety). 

Morpheus is missing

Which characters would be seen in the film?

Matrix 4 is set to return but it has left one of its key members behind. 

Keanu Reeves will be seen playing Neo again. The last movie ended with Neo’s sacrifice and his body being taken by the Machine, which may be the reason behind his return. It is also quite impossible to think about Matrix 4 without the presence of the heart and soul of the film Keanu Reeves in it. Keanu Reeves plays Neo, the software engineer turned the protector of humankind and machines, The One. 

keanu reeves

Carrie-Anne Moss also will return to play her iconic character, Trinity. She will reprise the role of the human who opposes the Machines. Trinity also passed away in Matrix Revolution, so it would be interesting to see how she will be brought back to life this time. Last time we saw her as a lover of Neo, this time she can be seen riding motorbikes and being her badass self again. Which we cant wait to see in action.

Other returning characters include Jada Pinkett Smith, Lambert Wilson, and Daniel Bernhardt. Hugo Weaving, the only one missing is Laurence Fishburne, who plays Morpheus. It seems like he won’t be joining us this time. This is a surprise, keeping in mind that he was one of the key members of the Matrix team. Which has lead to many speculations, about how his part would be written off. 

Some new cast members would also be joining the franchise this time Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Toby Onwumere, Max Riemelt, Eréndira Ibarra, Priyanka Chopra, Andrew Caldwell, Brian J. Smith, Ellen Hollman, and Christina Ricci. What would be their role you ask, well that is yet to be revealed. But rumors claim that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will play a youthful Morpheus, accounting for Fishburne’s absence. 

Also this time the film will not be directed by Lilly Wachowski rather only Lana Wachowski, would be seen on sets. Due to her busy scheduling, Lilly would not join her sister in the direction for the fourth movie as she has done for the rest. 

Matrix 4

Plot of Matrix 4

We know you have been eagerly waiting to know about the plot of the movie and so have we. The first movie introduced us to the dystopian, sci-fi world of Matrix, where machines were in the ruling power and were trapping human civilization in a simulated reality, to use their bodies as an energy source. We can witness a constant struggle between Neo, The one (Keanu Reeves), and the Machines.

At the end and the third in the franchise, we saw him sacrifice himself for the cause. And witnessed a conclusion taking place where the Machines agreed to provide liberty to every human who rejected the Matrix, making sure that Matrix succeeded and continued to a certain extent but humans also got to have the freedom they deserved. 

Now, this was a pretty satisfying end to the movie, while they were still some questions unanswered, the story overall felt complete. But the speculations of a fourth movie never died down, while the conclusion was tied well, fan’s adoration for the movie did not fade away. This led to the birth of the fourth Matrix movie, a movie that has been talked about in fan conversations but never in detail by either the cast or directors of the movie. 

Matrix 4, hence is a release that would cater to the love of its hard-core fans. Matrix previously also released an online game for its hard-core fans, but it had to be shut down after some time of its release, due to lower ratings.

Now it is being speculated whether the movie will take on the story of The Matrix Online or if the game would be used as a reference at all. But seeing that movie is kept under hushed tones the same plotline as the game might not be followed, as it would gather huge spoilers. A lot are distinguishing Matrix 4 as the last hurrah as well, where the returning cast members will pass on the torch to the next generation so that the series can see some more installments. 

These rumors are inspired by the absence of Morpheus in the coming movie, who was a core character in the enterprise.


There is a lot of things under wraps when it comes to Matrix 4, the name of the movie is also not released yet. But we have an inkling that it might be Matrix-The Resurrection, after earlier this January a makeup artist, who has worked with the cast previously, tweeted an image with the said title. Which was removed shortly after. 

Could this be the potential name of Matrix-4? We can only speculate at this point. 

Further when Reeves was asked about the movie, here is what he had to say:

“We have a superb chief, Lana Wachowski, and she has composed a wonderful content that is a romantic tale,”

“It’s motivating. It’s another rendition of a sort of, call to awaken. It engages… It has some incredible activity. All will be uncovered.”

It looks like vague answers are the only thing we can rely on right now.

Let us know what you think is the reason behind all this secrecy and what are you expecting from this film? Are you also waiting eagerly for the film’s first trailer?

Let us know in the comments below where we can hash out some fan theories as well!

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