Megan Markel: Why Did Lady Colin Campbell Compared Duchess Of Sussex With Shakespeare’s Villain Lady Macbeth? Know Here …

Lady Colin Campbell is the official biographer of the Royal Family of England. She is one of the prominent authors and socialite of the royal family.

Recently, Lady Colin Campbell made a controversial statement. She talked about Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In summary, she compared Duchess of Sussex with a villain Lady Macbeth.

Yes! This is a shocking revelation indeed. The author compared Meghan Markel with Shakespeare’s Lady villain Macbeth.


Lady Colin Campbell has warned Prince Harry about his wife. According to Her the behavior of Duchess of Sussex is not usual. This is the result of her actions that Prince Harry is now more distant from his family. She stated- Meghan’s influence is very reminiscent of Lady Macbeth ”.

Lady Colin Campbell accused her to play with Prince Harry’s weaknesses. Additionally, the controversial book “Finding Freedom” portrayed absolutely accurately the departure of a couple from the Royal Family.


According to the authors of the book, Meghan was trying hard to get adjusted with the Royal Family. But she was not cool with the rules of Royal Palace. So Prince Harry.

They both were definitely unhappy with their minor roles in the Royal Family. That’s why they just detached themselves from the Royal Family.

She is the official biographer of the Royal Family for a very long time. Lady Colin Campbell knows each and every nerve of the Royal Family. She also knew Princess Diana very well. This should be noted that Princess Diana is the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.

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