Microsoft Office all Set to Replace Calibri With Seaford as its Default Font After 14 Years

Microsoft adopted the famous Calibri font back in 2007, making it the default font ever since on Microsoft Office. Lucas de Groot, the person responsible for the development of the famous Calibri typeface, started working on the font way back in 2002.

The company is now taking a huge step and changing the default font on the Microsoft Office suite. Apps such as Word and Excel will no longer make use of Calibri, a font belonging to the sans-serif family.

Ever since Satya Nadella has replaced Steve Ballmer as the CEO, it looks like Microsoft is gaining its partners and its reputation back. The company is a lot more open to changes and has even emerged as a fierce rival to the likes of Google and Amazon in the cloud segment.

Microsoft Office all set to replace Calibri with Seaford after 14 years

Lucas de Groot said in an interview that he was totally caught off guard when the tech giant made the decision to ditch Calibri in favor of a new font. However, he said that he did not expect Microsoft to consult him on such decisions and that he is glad that the company is still investing in new fonts.

Little did he know that Calibri would go on to become a font that would be used by more than 1.2 billion Microsoft users from every corner of the globe. The font has honestly come a long way, and a change of font will be welcomed by users and developers alike. After all, it’s more than 14 years since Office adopted Calibri.

It is not that the current font isn’t viable in terms of design and clarity, but a new look would be really refreshing for everyone. Out of the five fonts Microsoft commissioned quite a while ago, Seaford has been chosen as the successor to the much loved Calibri.


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