Microsoft’s Patent indicates an upcoming tri-fold Surface Phone

Microsoft did come up with its series of Surface devices that basically offers dual-display mobile device. Surface devices can be used for multi-tasking, productivity tasks, integrated Microsoft 365 with Android apps, etc. Most importantly Microsoft Surface devices do come with Android OS support built-in. Now, several reports are coming out that Microsoft has just revealed an early look of its upcoming “multi-panel device”. This Microsoft patent includes a tri-fold screen design.

Microsoft’s patent has already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the last week or so and we have a sketch overview of how the Surface Phone screen will fold and unfold. It will have two hinges that easily open up to unfold one massive screen from the tri-fold mode.

After folding back the screen of the device, it’ll look like a standard smartphone which is a good thing in terms of holding and keeping the handset. However, Microsoft hasn’t revealed any additional information about the hardware specifications yet.

We should also mention that some other OEMs like Samsung are also working on the tri-fold display device. Meanwhile, TCL did showcase a working concept of the device in March last year at MWC Barcelona that also indicates tri-fold display device projects.

Patently Apple
US Patent and Trademark Office

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