Miitopia Demo on Nintendo Switch is just as Good as the 3DS

Miitopia is one of the most successful games on the Nintendo 3DS. A while ago, the company made the Miitopia demo available on the Nintendo Switch. Having said that, the remastered version on the Switch has garnered more popularity compared to the original version.

The Miitopia tag has been trending on Twitter for more than a day. In case you are wondering why the game took social media by storm, it’s the concept of the game itself that makes it so good.

If you haven’t tried the original version, Miitopia is a turn-based RPG game. The antagonist is a dark spirit who wants to take over the world using his minions. But it’s not the main story that makes the game so enjoyable.

The fact that the player can every character in the game. It’s not just the personality of the characters you get to choose, you can design the NPCs as well. Another reason is that you can play as anyone and name the characters anything you want to.

Miitopia Demo on Nintendo Switch is just as good as the 3DS

What this means is that the game will have characters with different names for everyone, since you are responsible for naming them in the first place. Another cool aspect of the game is that the game evolves between battles, with the various characters you named developing bonds that entirely depend on what activities they do together or who sleeps within the inn together and the room they sleep in.

Sometimes a character might feel bad and get hurt in case another character takes something from their stash. The game is completely dynamic in nature and the experience will be different for everyone.

You can also design the main villain and change his looks according to your liking. This is one game where the player has control over how every character looks like and it is honestly one of the best Nintendo Switch games ever made. You can design yourself as a doctor and let the villain be a really cool guy. You can watch the game in the video below:


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