More than 17,000 fans sign a petition to bring back Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom

After gaining massive traction online, more than 17,000 people have signed a petition asking Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom animated series to be revived.

Created by Butch Hartman, Danny Phantom aired from 2004 to 2007 and is considered one of the best running show on the channel.

The show is the latest in getting a revival campaign from hardcore fans on the internet.

If you are not from the early 2000s, you must not have heard of Danny Phantom. The show follows the life of a young boy named Danny Fenton, who suddenly gains superpowers after an accident takes place at this parents laboratory.

Soon, he masters the art of flying and invisibility. He then ventures out into the world and decides to save his town and home from the constant threat of ghosts.

The show is absurdly similar to Spider-man, who has to balance his normal and superhero life. We want to remind you that the show has had a solid foundation and strong fan following even though the finale ended sometime in the last decade.

More than 17,000 fans sign a petition to bring back Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom

This is not the first time Danny Phantom fans urged Nickelodeon to revive the show. A similar petition was filed several years ago. In the latest petition on Change.org, the description reads that the show “continues to maintain a large, passionate fan base over a decade after its cancellation, showing true dedication to the series and appreciation of its quality.

Even though the petition is far from its set goal, it has gained more traction in the last few days and has managed to get signatures from more than 17,000 supporters.

Talking about Nickelodeon, the channel isn’t new when it comes to reviving older shows. The channel recently revived the popular sitcom iCarly in partnership with Paramount Plus. Moreover, Hartman’s The Fairly Oddparents is also getting a live-action reboot which will begin production later this year.

It won’t come as a surprise if Danny Phantom is revived, since the 2000s nostalgia is a real thing now. We really hope Nickelodeon revives Danny Phantom.


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