Mozilla Firefox 104 includes the address autofill for Android, finally

Mozilla Firefox is competing with the Google Chrome browser for both mobile and desktop segments for so many years. This free-to-use and open-source web browser bring the most useful features to the end-users quickly enough. However, if we talk about Google Chrome, the improved features and user-perspective enhancements arrive slightly lately on Mozilla Firefox most of the time. Well, Mozilla Firefox 104.0 update now brings the much-awaited address autofill feature for Android devices, finally.

Whereas Google Chrome for Android included this same address autofill feature almost two years ago. So, Yes! We can at least say that the Mozilla team works at their own pace, and doesn’t make a fuss with speedy updates. In that way, Firefox users receive stable and fully working useful features with minor bugs which is a good thing at the end of the day.

Talking about the web address autofill feature, it’s a really useful enhancement for mobile users as well as desktop users where they don’t have to literally type the full web address every time. Meanwhile, fans aren’t that happy with this update because it’s actually too late. Apart from Google Chrome, there are plenty of other alternatives available in the market that brings so many power enhancement features (built-in).

So, why advanced users wait for Mozilla Firefox? That’s a big question. Meanwhile, some fans are also claiming that Firefox won’t be able to make it head-to-head with Chromium anymore because the Mozilla devs are quite slow in executing performance or feature updates to the end-users which is a bad feeling. It’s also worth mentioning that Mozilla Firefox has better privacy in terms of Google Chrome or other web browsers to date.

Additionally, the Mozilla Firefox browser has been accepted and is being used by millions of people as well as brands across the globe which makes it more reliable than other competitors. The best part is that Mozilla Firefox is still being widely used layout engine that is not developed with the help of Google. In that scenario, slightly late updates and trade-offs in performance might not be a big deal for so many users who are focused on their web privacy.

Talking about the latest Firefox 104.0 version, it did enter the beta testing phase back in July 2022 with some improvements and bug fixes. Now, it’s been rolled out to users worldwide for both desktop and Android platforms. If you haven’t updated it yet, make sure to check for the same, and install it asap. After updating to the 104 version, you can head over to the browser Settings menu to include the web address or edit it so that you don’t have to type the same address every time manually.

Firefox will automatically detect the web address while you trying to type it and offer you a prompt whether to autofill that address or not. This specific update also brings new features which don’t keep your web browsing records. You can manually delete your browsing history as per your choice from the past hour, past two days, or from the beginning of time.

It also includes some bug fixes like crashing while opening links from other apps, fixing the placement of the LastPass password manager widget, and more. While the desktop users will get some major changes with the 104 update such as battery life improvements, enhanced performance in loading time on lower-end machines, etc. The Firefox browser will now also limit its usage of the system resources on the PC or Notebook in the background to improve system performance.

Last but not the least, both Windows 11 and Apple M1 Macs will now be able to showcase the Firefox Profiler to see the power usage of the individual websites that are currently active in the tabs. So, that you can understand which webpage is taking more resources, and reducing the system performance overall. You can easily grab the latest Firefox 104.0 version via the Play Store here for Android devices. Desktop users can visit here.


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