Mozilla releases Firefox 94.0 for Android

When it comes to having or using a web browser on a desktop or mobile device, Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular choices. Microsoft Edge wasn’t successful, and users didn’t find it that interactive, unlike Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. On both mobile and desktop platforms, Mozilla Firefox comes in second place after Google Chrome if we consider userbase and popularity. Earlier this week, Mozilla released Firefox 94.0 for the Android platform.

This new v94.0 (Nov 2, 2021) update brings a number of new features, including View recent tabs, View recent bookmarks, View recent searches, and View articles recommended by Pocket. Additionally, the new update will now help you to keep unused tabs clutter-free using the Inactive Tabs feature. Therefore, if you haven’t viewed tabs for 2 weeks, Firefox will automatically move them to an Inactive section in the tabs tray.

There are also a number of security vulnerabilities and bugs that have been fixed. Also, the Firefox homepage now allows users to choose what sections are visible. Currently, users can turn on/off displays for top visited sites, recently opened tabs, recently saved bookmarks and searches, collections, and articles and topics recommended by Pocket. As part of Firefox 94.0, you can now access the “Awesomebar History Highlights” feature, which suggests relevant search terms & solutions related to the answer or task you may be looking for.

The Mozilla Firefox application for Android devices can now be updated from the Google Play Store app directly, or by following this link. Most likely, you will receive the same update in the next few days depending on your Android version.

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