Much Awaited Android 12 Battery Widget is included in Feature Drop

After multiple beta releases, Google has finally released Android 12L for the bigger display devices. It also includes March 2022 security patch, some bug fixes or improvements, and a new Feature Drop for Pixels. Well, both the latest generation Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro models are getting this update before anyone else. It seems that the much-awaited Android 12 Battery Widget is now included in the latest feature drop update.

The battery widget was first introduced and teased publicly during the release of Android 12 Beta 1. As the beta journey has already ended for Android 12, the battery widget feature was pending to arrive for quite some time. This new battery widget basically shows the current percentage of your phone battery apart from any connected devices like headphones, wearables, etc.

Much Awaited Android 12 Battery Widget is included in Feature Drop

Though right now it doesn’t have the exact same look as it was initially teased in the last year, fans are quite happy with the release of it. Hopefully, Android developers will provide a much-improved battery widget with more designs later. Meanwhile, some fans are still getting disappointed due to the mismatch of the way it was shown in teasers.

Previous images were shown off a grid-based UI with complete bar graphs for specific devices which looks cool. While the latest inclusion of the battery widget is more simpler and basic for sure. By just keeping the battery percentage shade while not showing groups is a complete letdown as of now.

However, there are no issues or bugs identified yet by the users after using the battery widget for a while. Tapping on the “Pixel 6” listing can easily take users directly to the battery percentage display in settings. Whereas pressing either on the Pixel Buds or the “Connected devices” menu will open the connected status. Obviously, the whole UI seems equipped with the material you design for sure which looks awesome.

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