Mystery revealed behind Selena Gomez’s disappearance from the social media! Click to know the details!

Selena Gomez, born on 22nd July 1992, is a versatile and famous personality. She is multitalented and is a phenomenal singer, amazing songwriter, as well as an actor and TV producer. Selena debuted in a children’s TV series, Barney and Friends. Selena became a familiar actor owing to her phenomenal acting in Wizards of Waverly palace, where she portrays the role of Alex Russo. As an actor, she has contributed to many TV series as well as films. Gomez is also the executive producer for the famous thriller series 13 Reason why.

As far as her role as a singer is concerned, we all know about her phenomenal singing. In the Billboard Hot 100 list, 8 of Gomez songs are present. They are Come and Get it, Good for you, Same Old Love, The Heart wants what it wants, Hands to Myself, We Don’t Talk Anymore with Charlie Puth, Lose you to me and It Ain’t me with Kygo.

According to Billboard, in the year 2017, Selena has sold approx 7 million albums and 22 million singles throughout the world. She is also the Billboard woman of the year 2017.

Off lately, Gomez has not been active in any of her social media sites, which has made her fans quite anxious and worked up. But, don’t worry, as we will now reveal her real reason behind this disappearance.

Selena disappearance from the social media sites:

In the current scenario, where we are locked down in our respective homes, we often choose to stay online. We check out the different quarantine lifestyles of our celebrities and entertain ourselves. So, when your favorite star disappears from social media, you will feel anxious.

Selena, who has always been an active member of the Social media, has kept quiet for a very long time. She has completely vanished from her social media handles, keeping mum about her private life, thoughts.

Selena Gomez posts on Instagram after her disappearance:

Fans, now we have a piece of good news for you, which will give you some amount of mental peace. Selena has recently posted a video on her Instagram handle, where she explains the main reason behind her disappearance. She mentions a lot of chaos going on in her life. In the current gloomy situation with a lot of controversy stirring up on the political issues and social issues, she decided to keep her feelings to herself.

She also conveyed her love and how much she’s missing her fans. Gomez was super excited regarding particular stuff that has happened in her life. But as the current catastrophic situation has made all of us sad, you didn’t want to sound insensitive while sharing her happiness. Selena has taken a break and has learned how to prioritize herself and about the current situation.

In another post on Instagram, yesterday, she mentioned her new hideaway. That post contained an image of a beautiful house with subtle yet amazing interiors, with Selena sitting on a couch and playing some guitar tunes. She captioned it as her quarantine lifestyle of rearranging stuff in her new house and learning guitar. Well, for a proper “me time,” what’s better than a cozy sunlit home, where you can sit and think about your future as well as learn a lot of new things. Before these posts, she also extended her help for the Black community and posted some polaroid shots of her Birthday.

So, now that you know what she was doing in the quarantine, why don’t you guys do the same. Start a new hobby and learn new things.

For more updates, stay tuned and stay safe !!!


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