Streaming Netflix games on your iPhone and iPad is now possible

Netflix announced its much-anticipated Netflix Games Service for its subscribers and now it’s available on both iPhone and iPad. On Android, the same service was already available a few days ago. All existing or new Netflix subscribers on iOS/iPadOS will be able to access some mobile games of different genres.

The Netflix Games service will allow users/subscribers to play Netflix-developed or Netflix-originated mobile games, such as “Stranger Things: 1984”, “Shooting Hoops”, etc. on their Android, iPhone, or iPad devices. Netflix Games doesn’t care about adding extra costs to customers, so that’s a plus.

Simply choose one of Netflix’s standard plans, depending on your preference, and you’ll be able to watch online content and play games. Presently, the available games are quite limited. The number will increase in the coming months. It’s good news that Netflix continues to develop more games for each platform, which you can access through Netflix’s direct link.

There is no doubt that this will comply with all the terms and conditions for the respective app stores. Currently, Netflix Games are available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. As a result, Netflix subscribers can access the app store from these games. For more information, visit Netflix’s website.

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