Netflix N-Plus Might Allow Fans to Interact With Their Favorite Shows

Netflix is one of those companies that totally changed the way we consumed video content. Even after facing stringent competition from Amazon Prime, Disney +, and HBO, Netflix is still one of the most popular streaming services and will remain so in the coming years.

In a series of emails in the Apple vs. Epic Games case, it was revealed how Apple tried to manipulate Netflix to keep using its In-App purchase model to earn more commission. Protocol spotted a recent survey according to which Netflix was asking for feedback from its customers about “a future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows and things related to them.”

Netflix has currently named the experiment N-Plus, the new service is aimed to act as space where Netflix can promote their shows while providing a closed social media experience. N-Plus might also work on custom mixes that include all your favorite shows, which can then be shared with other Netflix users. Consider it kind of like a YouTube playlist you can share with your friends. The company is also working on a series of soundtracks for N-Plus users, a feature that lets them provide valuable feedback on shows before they even enter production. Some sources indicate that Netflix might even consider reviving user reviews, something the streaming service experiemented with in 2018.

The US based streaming giant is investing heavily in original content. A social media limited to a few users such as N-Plus will immensely help in improving overall user experience. Protocol says the concept is still in testing phase, but might quickly turn into a reality depending on the feedback.


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