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After over a decade, there are fresh calls for Toradora! to be renewed for season 2 after the anime was re-released on Netflix to a positive reception.

As anime fans, we have learnt to never say never when it comes to renewals or revivals of shows. Although it gets quite difficult when it has been over 10 years since a series concluded.

However, there are fresh calls for Toradora! to be renewed for season 2 after Netflix re-released the classic series to a fabulous reception from fans, both old and new.

Toradora season 2: Renewal status

  • At the time of writing, Toradora! has not been renewed for a second season and is unlikely to ever return.

Unfortunately, it is a mixture of time, source material and production that gives us this depressing outlook on the future of Toradora! The first season originally premiered back in October 2008, meaning if either the production team or another network wanted to pick up the show for a second instalment, it would have happened by now.

Then there is the source material. Toradora! is adapted from the light novel series and season 1 of the anime covered everything in the 10 published volumes. There is always a chance that Yuyuko Takemiya could continue writing volumes but again, the novels concluded more than a decade ago.

However, there is always the chance that Toradora! could have a dramatic revival thanks to the recent release of the series on Netflix. It’s not unheard of for series to be renewed for another season after being away for this many years and let’s be honest if anyone could do it, it’s Netflix.

Although, this is now more down to the fans than the streaming platform. If enough people watch the series and give positive reviews on social media, it could tempt Netflix to at least consider picking up the show and turning it into an original series.

Toradora season 2: Release date

  • Although unlikely, if Toradora! was renewed by Netflix for a second season then we could expect a winter-2021 release date.

This prediction is based on the fact that a whole new original story would have to be created and written, new animations would have to be redone and then new voice actors would, most likely, have to be found.

Plus, if Netflix did pick up the show for another instalment, I doubt that they would prioritise its production over other original shows. The platform appears to be investing more and more resources into the anime genre, but there is enough demand as there is for original shows.

As always, we will keep this page updated if there are any updates on the future of Toradora! so keep checking back in.

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