New Microsoft Xbox Electric Volt Controllers is now Available at $64.99

If you follow console news closely, you’d know that Microsoft launched new Xbox controllers back in November. Available for both Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, these controllers refined the overall user experience and more compared to the predecessors. Well, both Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo color variants made their debut last month and now, the Xbox Electric Volt controller is available for purchase officially.

The latest addition – Xbox Electric Volt controllers

The latest Electric Volt Xbox controllers look dope with their dual-color plates. It is the first-ever controller made up of recycled resin sourced from various plastics. This gives it a vivid color and Electric Volt is one of the latest to join the wagon. Available on Microsoft Store, the Electric Volt controllers are available at $64.99 and are ready for purchase.

Microsoft has already launched a couple of controllers in the new wireless series such as Pulse Red, Shock Blue, Robot White, and Carbon Black available between $54.99 to $64.99. The new Electric Volt controller follows almost the same design as the Pulse Red controllers with a solid color faceplate while the backplate is clad in a distinct color variant for contrast such as the use of a shade of green and white for both faceplate and backplate respective.

The latest addition - Electric Volt Xbox controller

The new Electric Volt wireless controller for Xbox supports a myriad of Xbox controllers including Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, as well as Windows 10 and Android. In fact, Microsoft is working on establishing a wireless connection with iOS devices soon although the timeline was not available at the time of writing this.

Once the support for iPhones rolls out, Xbox Series X Electric Volt wireless controller users will be able to play games on their iPhones via Cloud Gaming although it is also in development at the time of writing this.

According to a report, Cloud Gaming for iPhone devices is expected to arrive sooner. At the moment, Xbox will begin a limited invite-only Cloud Gaming beta test for both web browsers and iOS devices. Once available, Xbox users with Game Pass will be able to play more than 100 titles on their iPhones using the Electric Volt or other controllers available now.

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