The New Apple Siri Remote Might Get Find My Integration

Back at the Apple Spring Loaded 2021 event, Apple introduced a string of products including AirTags and the new Siri Remote. However, one of the most anticipated features on Siri Remote’s behalf that was missing was the “Find My” app integration. Perhaps, the Siri Remote might have this feature after all, or maybe not.

The New Siri Remote might have Find My integration

For the uninitiated, Apple released the new Siri Remote at the event. Soon after users got their hands on the new remote, some of the users got their hands on an unannounced feature. There’s a feature to locate the lost remote and when the user tries to ask Siri to find it, Siri replies “You don’t have any Siri Remotes linked to your iCloud account”. Of course, users require iOS 14.5 to attempt finding the Siri remote and it must be connected to the iCloud account although it sends the aforementioned warning as of now.

The new Siri Remote might get Find My integration

The new Siri Remote doesn’t have Ultra-Wideband (UWB) capabilities and at last, it is not mentioned in the feature list. However, one could assume that the remote might not have Find My app integration. In any case, UWB capability isn’t crucial to ping on a lost remote or device since Macs and AirPods both use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to let the user ping a lost device.

With that in mind, Apple didn’t mention it on its website and the assumptions state that the Find My app won’t have integration with the new Siri Remote after all. According to a report, it is believed that the Siri team might have scuffed away this feature or it is possible that Apple is planning to add some level of integration with the Find My app to find the whereabouts of the new Siri Remote.

As of now, users can still find the lost remote using a Bluetooth signal or they can play an audible tone using the built-in speaker.

Apple TV 4K is now available for preorders on April 30 at $179 or $199 based on the storage variant you pick. You can still use the new Siri remote with the old Apple TV at a price tag of just $55 since it is backward compatible.

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