New Super Monkey Ball Game Potentially Leaked, Check Details

A new Super Monkey Ball game called Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania seems to have been leaked, indicating a new entry in the franchise is coming. The details about the platforms on which the game will be available are not revealed yet, but it’s speculated that it will be available on the same systems that received the previous title, the Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD. These include PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The new title, which earlier today appeared in a posting filed on an Australian classification rating.

If this leak about the new Super Monkey Ball title follows the same timeline as the last entry in the Super Monkey Ball series, the game could be just around the corner, as the previous title was rated by the board in July 2019 and released only three months later. So it’s possible that the Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania could release in July or August, which, however, is just our speculation. To remind you, the news about this new game comes nearly a year after it was teased by voice actor Matt Brian, suggesting that a new game was in development.
To those of you who are unfamiliar with the Super Monkey Ball, which was also the name of the first entry in the series, it was the first Sega title published on a Nintendo console. The game offers both multiplayer experience and single-player campaigns. If this leak comes true, the Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania will be the first original title to get to all major consoles. There’s currently no more information on the game, we should expect to hear more about it in the coming days.

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