Neymar Joins Fortnite With Two Football Kit Skins, Jaguar-Like Armour With Many Quests

Well, Fortnite just couldn’t hold it together and just after a month of teasing him, Fortnite has officially released Brazilian soccer star Neymar on the game as per its tweet. To dive in the game officially on April 27, Neymar is at his best with the Fortnite Chapter Two Season Six.

Neymar looks outlandish in his avatar on Fortnite that looks ripped like a character straight out of Power Rangers. For those eager fans, Neymar isn’t wearing jerseys from either of his team, the Brazil national team of the Paris St. Germain club he plays at. The whole package including new quests, challenges, Neymar himself, and the gear will be officially available on April 27th for the current pass holder.

Neymar slays in Fortnite

Neymar can be seen donning his two football kit skins as well as a robotic cat-looking suit of armor available in two colorways with Red and Yellow dominating on each of them.

Neymar joins Fortnite with two football kit skins, Jaguar-like armour with many quests

Neymar’s arsenal of gear on Fortnite includes an Aerial Acrobat Glider and a Jaguar Strike Pickaxe as well as several quests and a new celebration Emote that can be unlocked as and when you play along. The suit that Neymar wears represents a Jaguar which is a reference to his career in football.

Players can check out the long list of challenges that they can pick up from Fortnite island which is available for battle pass holders in season six. Players will be rewarded in the form of cosmetic items themed with Neymar all the way.

The Fortnite Chapter Two Season Six made a great impact on players as it changed the whole outlook of the game. It introduces a primal state in the game with free-roaming creates as well as players with abilities to create and upgrade primal versions of the weapons.

Fortnite is also gearing on adding Horizon Zero Dawn’s Allow as a data mining team found the character’s assets even before it is made available for public users.

Coming back to Neymar, he is the first professional athlete to join on Fortnite although Epic has released characters of popular celebrities for a long time now such as Ninja, Marshmallow, Travis Scott, TheGrefg, Loserfruit among others.

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