Nintendo Celebrates the Success of Luigi with this Exclusive Luigi LEGO Bundle Set at £49.99

Mario is a well-known character but that’s where it overshadows his brother Luigi who is equally popular. After the successful release of Super Mario 3D All-Star and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, the video game juggernaut Nintendo is now celebrating Mario’s brother’s success. The folks at Zavvi have now introduced a Luigi-themed special bundle that offers a lot you can enjoy playing for hours.

Exclusive LUIGI-themed LEGO set bundle £49.99

Nintendo celebrates the success of Luigi with this exclusive Luigi LEGO bundle set at £49.99

Zavvi is now offering an exclusive Luigi-themed bundle that includes a Mushroom Platform LEGO set, an Interactive Luigi action figure as well as characters like the nasty Boom Boom and Yoshi. If that’s no all, Zavvi is also packing a Luigi-theme T-shirt to the customers available for kids, men, and women for various sizes that you can select while checking out on

Available at just £49.99, the Mushroom Platform LEGO set can be built and rebuilt to create new challenges, levels, and more. It also pairs up with the LEGO Super Mario app that lets you design new levels and challenges and mini-games to name a few.

Luigi figure is interactive so it does say many of its catchphrases such as “Luigi win!”, “Luigi Time!” and so on. It uses a small speaker mounted on the Luigi and other figures to say these phrases. Plus, it is interactive and has a tiny LCD screen on it that recognizes Yoshi and Boom Boom. It produces varied sound effects that you would hear while playing the game in real life. Pair it up with an app to complete various challenges on the go.

Mario is one of the most popular characters on Nintendo consoles and Luigi is his brother who stays with him throughout his journey. This new and exclusive bundle celebrates LEGO sets for Luigi like never before.

You get an unparalleled gaming experience with this interactive LEGO set that lets you collect digital coins. The LEGO set contains 280 pieces that you can arrange and create levels out of it. The T-shirts are made u of 100 percent pre-shrunk Cotton for excellent comfort. It is suitable for anyone above 6 years of age so if you are the one, don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on this exclusive LEGO Super Mario Luigi Adventures Starter Course.

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