Nintendo Switch Pro leaked – Release Date and Price

Few weeks ago, the Nintendo reported that the Switch is it’s most successful product to date.

It seems like Nintendo is gearing up for the Pro version of the console. If it is true, this will be the most powerful hybrid console available on the market. It was previously leaked with the release date sometime in Fall this year.

If the rumors are to believed, Nintendo will soon make the official announcement at the E3 2021. The event will take place next month. The last time Nintendo came out with a major update to any of its products was two years ago. The Switch Lite was released in the year 2019, whereas the Switch was released in 2017.

If the reports are true, the Nintendo Switch Pro will give the console a few more years. Recently, we reported that even Valve is thinking of developing a new handheld device that will compete with the likes of Switch.

Nintendo Switch Pro leaked - Release Date and Price

Nintendo Switch Pro Rumors

Having said that, we should remind you that these are just speculations, and nothing is concrete. Some sources also suggest that the company might release the next version of Switch, dubbed Switch 2 opposed to a Pro version.

Reports about the Pro version of the Nintendo Switch come from the trusted leaker Emily Rogers, known on Twitter as @ArcadeGirl64. A report by Bloomberg backs it. It looks like the Switch Pro will come at a price tag of $300 or maybe even more. The drastic price increase might be justified by features such as a 4K, OLED, and many more upgrades.



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