NordVPN for Android and iOS Displays a Brand New Graph indicating How Long You’re Protected

NordVPN, one of the most popular virtual private networks (VPNs) among privacy-conscious users, has added a new feature for its iOS and Android users via an update. The latest NordVPN update, version 7.6.0 for iOS and 5.8.6 for Android, introduces a brand new graph showing how long a user was protected each week.

The VPN service took to its Twitter account to announce this newly added feature in its Android and iOS app that lets you track how long you’re protected with the VPN. Now you can track your progress and enjoy the internet freely without having to bother about someone tracking or spying on you. Here’s what the new feature brings for both iOS and Android users and how it can be helpful to you.

NordVPN Update: New Graph Shows How Long You’re Protected

NordVPN has updated its app for both Android and iOS devices with a new graph that shows users how long they were protected in a week. On iOS, the latest update brings the version of the NordVPN app to v7.6.0, while the latest available Android version of the app is 5.8.6. To see how well you’re doing in terms of your privacy protection, just head to Statistics, and you’ll see a brand new graph that shows how long you stay protected per week. Here you can find how you’re doing with your online privacy and start building your protection streak.

NordVPN for Android and iOS Now Displays a Brand New Graph Indicating How Long You're Protected

Online privacy is a very scarce thing, but one thing you can do is avoid some spine-tingling cyber-scares by staying connected to a VPN most of the time. And with NordVPN, you can now track how long you’re connected to the VPN, which is very helpful to know how long you were protected.

Apart from this, the new NordVPN update for Android has made a few tweaks — both in performance and design. Now there are two sections in the NordVPN for Android: one, the VPN map with country servers, and second, the notifications section. You can update the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for respective devices.

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