Nubia Red Magic 7 receives 3C Certification with 165W fast charging feature

Even after so much competition in the mobile industry for so long, ZTE’s Nubia still has a dedicated user base. In March 2021, the company did announce the Red Magic 6 with 66W fast charging. As of now, reports suggest the new Nubia Red Magic 7 (NX679J) could break all fast charging records for smartphones because it recently received 3C certification with 165W fast charging technology.

It’s true! This is possible. According to reports, the Nubia Red Magic 7 handset will have 165W charging support (20V/8.25A). Based on the fastest charging technology available for the Nubia family as of now, the Red Magic 6 Pro and Red Magic 6s Pro support 120W fast charging. There is good news for smartphone users who are hoping for an upgrade soon with faster charging technology. In the screenshot below, we can already see that the NX679J has much faster-charging capabilities.

Nubia Red Magic 7 receives 3C Certification with 165W fast charging feature

The Chinese versions of Nubia’s 165W fast charging technology aren’t necessarily the fastest. It is Xiaomi’s 200W HyperCharge technology that takes the lead in charging a 4,000mAh battery from 0-100% in under eight minutes when tested on a custom-built Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro.

Although Xiaomi’s 200W HyperCharge technology is expected to enter mass production in June 2022, chances are high that Nubia Red Magic 7 could become the fastest charging smartphone officially if it gets launched soon. There is no precise date for the release yet, so we’ll have to wait. Also our thanks go out to Digital Chat Station for revealing that the Nubia Red Magic 7 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset.


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