NVIDIA DLSS for VR now offers increased performance in No Man’s Sky, Metro Exodus

NVIDIA included its Deep Learning Super Sampling in its RTX series of Graphic Cards since they were launched. The AI rendering technique allows the Tensor Core AI processor in the RTX GPUs to significantly boost the performance of any game while retaining image quality.

While the implementation of DLSS was not that good at first, NVIDIA quickly ramped up their game, with DLSS now available even on VR titles. We should remind you that VR games do require more computing power compared to traditional titles.

The company recently gave us a glimpse of the performance increase DLSS has to offer in VR games. They showcased the increase in performance of No Man’s Sky in VR on the NVIDIA RTX 2060, which is the first generation budget RTX card.

With time, more titles are adopting the DLSS bandwagon. DLSS helps game developers enable players to play at higher resolution without a significant drop in frame rates. The increase in performance in No Man’s Sky VR is almost 50%, which is really a big deal. Playing on 4k with max settings and DLSS enabled resulted in an increase from 78FPS to 122FPS on the RTX 3080, while on the RTX 2060, players were able to enjoy the game on 57FPS compared to 30FPS with DLSS disabled.

Another game that is enjoying increased performance is the Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. While the game was launched with RTX support, the enhanced edition totally reworks the lighting. On the RTX 3080, with DLSS enabled, the frame rate increased from 61FPS to 125FPS, which is more than 100 percent. On the RTX 2060, FPS went from 11FPS to 49FPS.

How to get NVIDIA DLSS for VR?

All users need to do is update their drivers to the latest version. Yes, that’s it. You are ready to go. Just head over to the GeForce experience and download the latest Game Ready driver, and you are good to go.


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