Oculus Quest 2 Update to Bring Wireless PC Streaming, 120Hz Mode, and More

Oculus has announced that the next update for the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset will bring wireless PC streaming, a 120Hz refresh rate, improvements to Infinite Office, and more. The update will bring the version to 28 and will make Facebook’s VR headset even more powerful. With the v28 software update, the Oculus Quest 2 users will be able to play wireless PC VR gaming with Air Link. The v28 update, Oculus says, will be rolling out soon. Here’s what the next Oculus Quest 2 update will bring.

Native Wireless PC Streaming

One of the major features coming with the v28 update for the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset is the ability to stream games or applications from your PC wirelessly. This wireless streaming feature is called “Air Link” by Oculus, named after the Link cable that connects the VR headset to a PC. If you’re a PC VR gamer then wireless streaming support is going to bring the best experience for you. Air Link uses Wi-Fi, and to get an acceptable experience, you’ll need a good connection. That’s why this feature works well only with some network setups. Of course, the Link cable will still provide the best visual quality on the headset.

Improvements to Infinite Office

Oculus Quest 2 Update to Bring Wireless PC Streaming, 120Hz Mode, and More

To those of you who are unaware, Infinite Office is an Oculus feature that lets users work in a virtual environment. The new update will bring an experimental feature for Infinite Office that will allow users to add a virtual desk where their real-life desk is. Apart from this, the Oculus Quest 2 will also be able to show a virtual Logitech K830 keyboard. However, Facebook says that it will be bringing support for visualizing more keyboard models in the future.

120Hz Refresh Rate Coming to Quest 2

The latest update with v28 will also bring an experimental mode for 120Hz refresh rates, which currently is 90Hz. But, as per Oculus, users won’t be able to immediately try the 120Hz refresh rates because the Quest 2’s software will still run at 90Hz. So it’s only when the developers release builds for their software or games that can run at the higher refresh rate, will you be able to see what the 120Hz refresh rate looks like.

However, it shouldn’t take long as some developers have already said that their updates for 120Hz are already ready to go when v28 becomes available in the coming days.

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