OnePlus Drops File Dash and Opts for Google’s Nearby Share on OnePlus 9 Series

OnePlus has reportedly ditched its File Dash file transfer feature that came with the File Manager app. As per a Reddit post, the OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone doesn’t have the File Dash file sharing feature. Now, reports are coming that the company has dropped File Dash in the OnePlus File Manager app and has opted for Google’s Nearby Share in the OnePlus 9 series.

According to a report, OnePlus has given an explanation for why the company has dropped its own file sharing feature for Nearby Share. The company has said (via XDA) in a statement that it has replaced File Dash with Nearby Share. It said, “In order to provide a more seamless file transfer experience among Android devices, we have replaced the “File Dash” feature with “Nearby Share” feature provided by Google.” While explaining the process to share files, the company said, “Users can go to Settings, click “Google,” and then click “Device Connections.” Users can then click “Nearby Share” to transfer files. If the other device does not support Nearby Share, users can transfer files via Bluetooth or other third-party applications.”

OnePlus File Dash Replaced by Google’s Nearby Share

Till now, OnePlus users used the in-built File Dash file sharing feature in the File Manager app to transfer files to other OnePlus devices. To those of you who don’t know, File Dash is a peer-to-peer wireless file transfer feature in OnePlus phones that lets users quickly transfer files from one OnePlus device to another using the built-in File Manager app. But in the newly launched OnePlus 9 series, this feature has been removed, and Google’s Nearby Share has been implemented with the latest update of File Manager.

OnePlus Drops File Dash and Opts for Google's Nearby Share on OnePlus 9 Series

Version of the File Manager app on the OnePlus 9 series doesn’t have File Dash. However, this feature is still available for OnePlus 8T and other devices with the latest available version on Google Play Store. Since the company wants to provide users with a more seamless file sharing experience, File Dash may be replaced by Nearby Share in other OnePlus devices also. Nearby share uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies to transfer files to any compatible device.

If you want to use Nearby Share to transfer files from one phone to another, you can do it simply by tapping the phones together. Google is continuously working on adding more features, such as group sharing to its file transfer tool.

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