OnePlus admits throttling popular apps on OnePlus 9 Pro

It’s been just a few months since OnePlus launched the OnePlus 9 Pro.

What might come as a surprise is that the company has admitted that they were limiting the phone’s performance by throttling some popular apps, including their own.

OnePlus says that they were doing it because they were optimizing the performance of the device.

This is not the first time a smartphone manufacturer is caught throttling performance on their devices. We want to remind you that Apple was the first one to do so.

As a result of intentionally slowing down smartphones, the tech giant had to pay a fine of $500 million.

The first report of OnePlus slowing down some apps came from Anandtech. Earlier this year, the website reported that they found manufacturers limiting the performance on some apps while allowing benchmark apps to run at full speed.

Although it isn’t clear yet as to what extent and which apps have been throttled, some of the popular apps include Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Chrome, Amazon, DropBox, Reddit, LinkedIn, Microsoft Office Apps, Candy Crush, YouTube, Zoom, VLC, Uber and many more.

Out of all apps, chrome is the most affected app affected by the throttling of the OnePlus 9 Pro. According to reports, the browser has the speed equivalent to an “early 2010 budget device.”

Having said that, games with high system requirements like Genshin Impact do not seem to be affected by the issue. In a statement to XDA Developers, OnePlus said that they were trying to “optimize the performance of the apps over the last few months” and “matching the app’s processor requirements with the most appropriate power.”

The company said that it intended to improve the overall thermal performance of the phone. They also confirmed that the slowdown was intentional.

They also claim that the decision was made keeping the customers in the loop, but now it looks like the changes will be reversed after the subject caught the attention of the masses.


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