OnePlus files patent for dual-hinge tri-folding phones; renders published

Foldable smartphones are here, and these devices are gaining traction in the market right now. People are enthusiastic about foldable devices (both flip and fold) being used as their daily driver. The best part is most foldable phones are premium in price and therefore have a flagship level of design and hardware. Several OEMs provide foldable devices on the market, and Samsung seems to be the market leader in this category. The newly released Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 models are extremely popular all over the world. Now, some reliable sources claim that OnePlus has recently applied for a patent for a dual-hinge, triple folding smartphone.

Additionally, the renders have been leaked online, and the patent image is now available online. Various companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, and Oppo are considering foldable devices for a while, and they may soon join the Samsung Galaxy foldable device race. OnePlus reportedly filed for the patent titled “Mobile terminal” at the end of 2020. According to a post on LetsGoDigital blog, the patent file was published in July 2021.

OnePlus dual-hinge triple folding smartphone patent filed; renders leaked out

It was later added to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) database, thereby ensuring worldwide protection. Remember, this is OnePlus’ first-ever foldable device patent that has been officially filed with WIPO. Therefore, the company has achieved what it wanted this time around, and is quite certain that this particular model will stand out in the competitive market. The model also features the world’s first triple folding screen design with two separate hinges, which is called a multi-foldable device.

The LetsGoDigital team collaborated with concept artist Parvez Khan (aka Technizo Concept) to develop a 3D render of the tri-folding dual-hinge OnePlus device concept. According to the rendered image, the device is quite large when unfolded compared to current generation foldable devices. In this respect, it seems larger and bulkier than a tablet device. However, the tri-fold design may be convenient during normal use. Due to the trifold screen, the device will feel much thicker when folded than the existing foldable.

At present, we might have to wait to see more leaks and information about the handset. So far, OnePlus hasn’t announced anything about the device. Therefore, the actual device design might vary.

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