OnePlus Nord 2 Blast Case in India, Company sent cease and desist letter to the user

A couple of weeks ago, another OnePlus Nord 2 Blast Case happened to a lawyer in India who has denied taking the monetary compensation by the company. A Twitter user named Gaurav Gulati claimed that his brand new OnePlus Nord 2 has caught on fire and exploded unfortunately in his black robe while he was in his office. So, the lawyer has filed a legal complaint against OnePlus in India with the required proof and documents. Now, OnePlus has sent a cease and desist letter to the lawyer because the company is claiming that his tweets and reports are intended to defaming the brand and nothing else.

The lawyer has mentioned specifically that he was in the Court Chamber and suddenly the handset exploded and caught fire. It’s also worth mentioning that the handset was in an idle mode that means it wasn’t charging the battery at the moment. But on the other side, OnePlus is claiming to delete all of his tweets and asking for an official statement to clarify that all of his reports or claims were fake and unverified.

However, Gaurav Gulati said that he already went through the legal process and submitted the device to police custody for further verification. That’s why he is unable to provide the same to the authority of OnePlus and the company is unable to go through a detailed authentication process of the dead device. While Mobitech Creation is willing to get an unconditional apology and a confirmation not to post any further tweets or something like that which can damage the reputation of OnePlus in the Indian market.

The lawyer Gulati didn’t mention anything about his next step but already has acknowledged that OnePlus has sent him a legal notice for raising his voice against the brand. According to his statement, if OnePlus is interested in compensating his damage, they can stop selling the OnePlus Nord 2 5G model in India with immediate effect rather than offering a monetary compensation which can’t give value to the human life.

As per his recent tweet, Truth can be disturbed but can’t be defeated. In recent times, OnePlus seems too casual with their products and they even reacted very casually to the user even after reporting the blast case. Meanwhile, most of the tech content creators on YouTube didn’t come to give their opinion or anything else. But people are strongly condemning to OnePlus for behaving like this with a user rather than showing sympathy and support to the victim.

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