OnePlus Nord 2 Warp Charger explodes, company says due to voltage fluctuation reportedly

After a couple of reports of blasting the OnePlus Nord 2 model recently, now another incident happened. This time the OnePlus Nord 2 Warp Charger explodes in Kerala when the user connects it to the power socket to charge the Nord 2. However, the charger blast happened while a rainstorm in Kerala, and it eventually damaged both the charger and the socket. Well, OnePlus Nord 2 is in controversy for a while due to catching fire or exploding the battery. Meanwhile, some turned out to be fake and some indicated external damage according to the company.

Now, the blast of the OnePlus Nord 2 charger that comes in the box after plugging it into the socket within a couple of minutes is on the news. According to the affected user, Jimmy Jose (@The Glitchhhh), that was a scary moment and even the Nord 2 itself is running fine, exploding the charging adapter out of nowhere is not expected at all. Additionally, the submitted image also indicates that one part of the USB cable has also been damaged most probably. The best part is that no one has been hurt by this incident and nothing major has been damaged apart from the adapter and socket.

In the reply, OnePlus has acknowledged the issue and asked the owner to visit the nearest customer care center for checking out the charging adapter properly. After checking out the charger the technician has mentioned that the explosion has occurred due to voltage fluctuation and nothing else. Meanwhile, OnePlus has offered a replacement charging adapter to the victim but it’s more important to maintain safety procedures and providing warning details in the user manuals of the products rather than offering a replacement unit.

There is nothing more important or valuable than life or property. With such kinds of blasts, while connected to the power socket, it seems that anything can happen ‘under rainstorm’ conditions. So, it’s also required for the gadget users to be responsible enough on what to do and what not to do during such natural calamities or weather conditions. OnePlus has officially emailed a reply statement to Gadgets 360 that they properly take care of such user claims as well as very seriously. The user has handed over the damaged OnePlus Nord 2 Warp Charger to the service center and has been offered a replacement.

OnePlus chargers contain built-in capacitors which control and store energy. But in this scenario, the capacitors have remained intact even after the blast that indicates an external factor as a reason such as voltage fluctuations, after being examined by a professional technician.

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