OnePlus revokes Android 12 update from OnePlus 9 series after ColorOS bugs

Android 12 OS is live after pushing a couple of developer previews and public beta builds to improve the stability or bug fixes. After the merge of OPPO and OnePlus, it seems that OnePlus devices are now shifting to ColorOS from OxygenOS. Now, the OnePlus 9 series are officially running on the ColorOS 12 skin but the user experience didn’t go as expected. OnePlus quickly revokes the Android 12 update from the OnePlus 9 series after ColorOS bugs.

After having the ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 for a few days, the OnePlus 9 series users have started storming the online forums and customer support about multiple stability issues & bugs. Therefore, the company has been forced to pull back the ColorOS 12 skin based on Android 12 due to multiple issues arising after the ColorOS-OxygenOS merge.

OxygenOS 12 is one of the best skins but after the merge with Oppo’s ColorOS, it seems that most of the ColorOS features and UI have been overwritten on the OxygenOS skin. According to users, there were various bugs and stability issues plaguing the user experience.

Even after pushing a ‘stable’ release, OxygenOS 12 is having bundled with bugs and issues that need to be fixed completely by the developers before pushing it again. Most of these issues are appearing due to the OxygenOS switching to ColorOS which includes plenty of settings, etc. Although performing the factory reset on the OnePlus 9 series after updating to ColorOS 12 can fix the issue, it’s better to get a proper stable build instead.

OnePlus has recently confirmed the bugs in ColorOS 12 merger and the update is pulled from the devices globally. Now, it will take some time for the company to push the update again in the upcoming weeks or so.

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