Opera GX Mobile arrives on iOS and Android at its beta stage

Opera GX is as the name suggests, a gaming-oriented browser from Opera. It was released on the desktop a while ago and after millions of users asked for it, its mobile browser is finally here. Available for both iOS and Android (although you need TestFlight for beta), the app is currently in the beta stage and the developers are scrutinizing how it works on the smartphone before a stable version is not released. 

The Opera GX Mobile

Opera GX Mobile arrives on iOS and Android at its beta stage

Opera has now released the gaming-oriented Opera GX Mobile on both iOS and Android devices. It has a tonne of unique features for both appearance and functionalities. The app uses a Fast Action Button (FAB) as well as haptic feedback for navigation across the browser. FAB has plenty of openings such as two rows with options to open or close tabs. The haptic feedback ensures that all the actions have been executed so you don’t have to look at the screen every time you ask it to do something.

The app has a feature called “Flow” that allows sharing files between two devices. If it is about sharing files between a phone and a desktop, you can share everything from photos, videos, files, walkthroughs, gaming tutorials, and more.

Opera GX Mobile arrives on iOS and Android at its beta stage

Flow is encrypted and has a chat-like space to communicate with each other. Flow supports sharing files up to 10MB in size at the moment.

Opera GX Mobile has a GX Corner onboard the browser. It gives you information on all the game releases on a calendar, keeps you entertained with gaming news, and also gives you information and links to deals and discounts available for the users. The app keeps you up-to-date about the gaming world so cheers.

Moving on, Opera GX Mobile lets you choose between various gaming-inspired themes. You can select between White Wolf, Purple Haze, Classic, or Ultra Violet based on your choice.

The built-in ad-blocker relieves you from annoying ads that pop up when you visit any website and so on. The app has a cookie dialog blocker that gets rid of cookie dialog as well. Further, the app has a feature that prevents any actor from using the device’s resources to mine cryptocurrency.

Opera GX Mobile is available on both iOS and Android smartphones. Tap on the respective OSes to download it.

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