OPPO Reportedly Working on a Foldable Phone Featuring a 7-Inch LTPO Display

Foldable smartphones have finally started to trend after two years with Samsung and Huawei leading the market. Now, after Xiaomi and Motorola, OPPO also seems to be joining the race in the foldable phone segment. The Chinese phone maker is rumored to be working on its first foldable smartphone, and it could be offering a 7-inch LTPO display, according to the reports.

At the moment, Samsung is the only OEM having an established presence in the foldable smartphone market. Other companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Motorola have also released their foldables. Moreover, Apple is also planning to launch a foldable iPhone in 2023. However, OPPO didn’t appear to have any intentions of joining this competition till now. But now a new rumor suggests that it is also developing a clamshell phone, similar to the Galaxy Z Flip and the Moto RAZR. According to the reports, OPPO instead of relying on traditional 60Hz refresh rate displays could use an LTPO display in its clamshell. This will provide a much faster and more versatile refresh rate. Here’s what we know about the future foldable phone from OPPO.

Oppo Foldable Phone Could Feature a 7-Inch LTPO Display

OPPO Reportedly Working on a Foldable Phone Featuring a 7-Inch LTPO Display

Rumors suggest that OPPO’s upcoming first foldable device will feature an LTPO display, which allows the refresh rates to automatically adjust from 1Hz to 120Hz. To remind you, we saw these LTPO displays launch with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the OnePlus 9 Pro. The future OPPO foldable will reportedly measure around 2-inches when folded and will unfold to reveal a 7-inch display. Further, the device could use a new rotating hinge that will allow the display to unfold at varying angles. However, this isn’t yet clear, and even the leaks don’t mention it for now.

Currently, there is no information on when this rumored OPPO clamshell phone will make its debut in the market. But we expect to see more leaks in the coming months and expect the device to be announced or teased before the end of this year.


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