Pixel 4 XL users will get a free one year extended warranty because of battery issues

Google’s Pixel lineup is one of the best smartphone lineups to date. While they might not be on par in hardware specs and design, users love them because of the Stock Android performance.

Having said that, lately, a lot of users have been complaining about some manufacturing flaws associated with the Pixel lineup.

The most famous is the alleged Pixel 5 display gap, which lured many Pixel lovers from the company’s latest offering.

While Google usually refuses to acknowledge some of these concerns, it is shocking to see the tech giant admitting to the infamous battery problem associated with the Google Pixel 4 XL.

Google is even offering free one-year extended warranty to users who are having battery drain issues. Reports about the issue started piling up last year when the Pixel 4 XL owners started having the issues. Looking at the threads, we can easily say that this was something beyond software, and Google was to blame.

Pixel 4 XL users will get a free one year extended warranty because of battery issues

Some users reported that their device battery had begun to swell within a year, indicating something related to the battery, while others speculated towards a faulty connector.

While both these issues required Google to call back sold Pixel 4 XL, the company did not even acknowledge the issue in the first place.

Nonetheless, the extended warranty covers other aspects of the phone, such as random restarts to the phone being dead. Numerous reports suggest that the battery drains faster than usual, suggesting that something is wrong with the device batteries.

You will still have to check with the company’s repair centers if your phone is eligible for the free battery repair program.

It is interesting to note that not all Pixel 4 XL owners will be eligible for the one-year extended warranty. Only people who brought the device in Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, and the US are eligible for the warranty.

The last two Pixel devices have made Google fanboys skeptical. We hope Google does better quality control check when it comes to the upcoming Google Pixel 6.


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