Pixel 6 Camera Viewfinder is Too Noisy, Google Allegedly Working on a Fix

Google launched the Pixel 6 series in October, and one of the main attractions is its camera. However, some users have reported that the new flagship phones have a viewfinder noise problem while using their cameras. According to a post on the dedicated Pixel 6 support page, users are having problems with the image quality on the camera’s viewfinder. Multiple users have reported the issue, and it turns out that Google is allegedly aware of this problem and working on a fix.

As per the reports, the issue affects the selfie camera, especially during video calls. It does not appear to affect photos and videos taken. Multiple Pixel 6 users have reported that when they open the camera application on their device, the viewfinder has a lot of noise. However, the final image saved to the gallery has a good quality. It’s quite weird that the viewfinder looks so bad, but once the picture is taken, it shows a great photo.

Pixel 6 Camera Viewfinder is Too Noisy, Google Allegedly Working on a Fix

Pixel 6 Noisy Viewfinder Affects Video Calls, Fix on the Way

As per the reports, the noise problem in the Pixel 6 viewfinder exists for both front-facing and rear-facing cameras. But since the final image quality is good as expected, it means that this is not a problem with the cameras themselves. However, this issue is causing problems when users (instead of taking photos and videos) stream video and voice in real-time. Streaming video and voice in real-time, for example, during video calls and Zoom meetings, requires having the viewfinder always open. So, the video quality in Pixel 6 in such cases is too poor.

A user allegedly spoke to Google and said that Google is already aware of this issue.

In his words: “So I spoke with Google, they are aware of this. They stated it’s like this because the processing is done post picture and not live time processing so the ISO is cranked up on the preview. They are aware that from a consumer standpoint that this is not good and said I fix will be in tow via software update.”

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