Pixel 6 Owners Can Use Apple MagSafe Accessories With Moment Cases

After the launch of Pixel 6, the cases for the handsets have already hit the market. Accessory maker Moment has also launched a new slate of cases for the newly launched flagships from Google. According to a tweet from David Imel, the Moment case for Pixel 6 allows users to work with Apple’s MagSafe accessories, allowing them to charge their phone, use the wallet, and other accessories.

The product listing on the company’s website shows that the case is labeled with (M)Force branding. Available for $49.99, it not only allows for basic accessories like the MagSafe Wallet to be attached to the back of the phone, but it also works with the MagSafe Wireless charger. You can see how the Moment Pixel 6 case works with MagSafe accessories below, as demonstrated by David on Twitter in a short video.

Moment Pixel 6 Case is Available in Black Color Option

As of now, Moment is only selling one magnetic accessory compatible case for each model of the Pixel 6 family, which is black. However, the company does sell its cases for iPhone 13 in more colors. So, the company could add more color options for Pixel 6, as well, if they’re popular enough. Some users also have asked for more color options on Twitter, especially the walnut case.

Pixel 6 Owners Can Use Apple MagSafe Accessories With Moment Cases
(M)Force branded Moment case for Pixel 6

It’s really a smart move by the case manufacturer to allow Pixel users to use MagSafe accessories. Earlier, Apple’s announcement of MagSafe seemed like another way to lock people into the iPhone ecosystem. But with the release of the new (M)Force Pixel 6 case, this barrier breaks down, meaning all phones have the potential to use MagSafe with the right phone case. We may see that in the future for other phones.

If you’re also a Pixel 6 owner and want this new case for you, then you can head to Moment’s website to place an order.

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