Pixel’s Now Playing: Ambient Music Mod v2 is now available for other Android devices (non-root)

Plenty of Android fans might agree that Google offers the best software support and optimized app features to its Pixel devices. Not only the best hardware and software but also the visually appealing minimalistic subtle changes are one of the biggest advantages of being a Google Pixel device user. Well, the Ambient Music Now Playing interface is one of the best examples you can get. Thanks to developer Kieron Quinn (Quinny899) for porting out the Now Playing: Ambient Music Mod v2 for other Android devices (non-root).

That means from now on, non-Pixel Android device users can also use the Ambient Music Mod APK with the help of the Shizuku app via wireless debugging no matter whether the handset is rooted or not. As Android 12 offers a wireless debugging feature using the QR scan or device pairing code, it’s now easier for everyone to use it without any additional knowledge.

It seems that Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, OPPO, Samsung, etc devices running on Android 12 should work fine with the Ambient Music Mod v2 APK and Shizuku app without any second thought. The “Ambient Music Mod depends on the ‘Shell’ app (known as ADB) which has the “CAPTURE_AUDIO_HOTWORD” permission. Obviously, you’ll have to enable Developer Options from the Settings menu.

Pixel's Now Playing: Ambient Music Mod v2 is now available for other Android devices (non-root)

Then go to the Developer Options menu and enable USB Debugging as well as the Wireless Debugging feature. Now, tap on Wireless Debugging (from the left side) to open the internal options. Here you’ll need to select Pair with code. If in case, your device is running on Android 11 or lower then you might have to enable root access.

The Ambient Music Mod v2 app also offers two new widgets to show the currently recognized music and trigger the recognition access to tell you what’s playing right now. You can also enable the lock screen notification access for the same. However, if in case, you’re playing any music on the device via the other music player and the device is using the built-in audio speaker then the mod app won’t gonna detect any track.

Sometimes the Shizuku pairing access gets lost if you close it from the background task or if the connected network gets changed. In that case, you’ll need to pair Shizuku again and then tap on the ‘Start’ button to connect wirelessly. The music mod app also updates the list of tracks if a new song is added to the device storage. You can download the Ambient Music Mod v2 APK here. You’ll have to install the Shizuku app via the Google Play Store.


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