PlayStation Announces Final Fantasy XIV Online Open Beta for PS5: Here’s What You Need to Know

Matt Hilton from Square Enix has announced through the official PlayStation Blog that the PS5 version of Final Fantasy XIV Online is launching into open beta today, April 13th. The PS5 beta for FFXIV launches alongside the game’s big 5.5 updates. As per the blog, the PS5 version of the game brings many new enhancements that make use of the PlayStation’s latest console’s power and features. Here’s what you can expect from the latest FFXIV Online for PS5.

It’s worthwhile to note that despite the “beta” label, players will be getting access to the whole FFXIV game without any limitations. FFXIV Lead Project Manager Shoichi Matsuzawa says that the beta label is just a precaution. In terms of visuals and performance, players can choose between 1080p, 1440p, and native 4K modes. The 1080p and 1440p modes will deliver 60fps performance during the normal gameplay, while the 4K mode can deliver up to 40pfs. But this, according to Matsuzawa, can drop down to as low as 30fps.

FFXIV PS5 Open Beta Also Brings Updated UI

PlayStation Announces Final Fantasy XIV Online Open Beta for PS5: Here's What You Need to Know

The new update mostly affects the resolution, but in addition to this, the developer has also updated the in-game menus and UI. By harnessing the power of PS5, the load times are even faster, and some initial DualSense support has also been added. With improved UI, your inventory, Armoury chest, and action bars should also look stunning. Matsuzawa says that they’ve implemented haptic feedback for several actions to deepen the players’ immersion.

Apart from this, the sound team has also brought an immersive sound experience with this update. There are some additional features that utilize 3D audio as well. While the latest FFXIV PS5 open beta is bringing several features in terms of upgrades, the developer says the team is looking to add even more in the future.

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