Poland Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip series users may sue Samsung over screen issues, according to reports

It looks like a bunch of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip series foldable smartphone users in Poland are preparing to file a class action lawsuit against Samsung due to the bad condition of foldable displays. We all know that Samsung is one of the most reliable and popular smartphone brands globally to push foldable smartphones into the market. If we forget about its first-generation foldable devices, then the rest of the foldable smartphones are doing really well.

Whereas Samsung’s Galaxy Flip series models are now becoming a great sensation in the market as well as among smartphone enthusiasts as the technology is developing every year. No doubt Samsung is ahead in the race of foldable device development & research, and manufacturing units. But the foldable display devices are still quite vulnerable in terms of durability or longevity.

We still really can’t rely on foldable smartphones as a daily driver because it mostly requires both hands to unfold and fold the screen. While the degrading quality of the foldable screen after using it for a few months or so is now another major problem for the existing users and even for the company itself. According to the Instalki.Pl blog, it seems that a bunch of affected Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 users (more than 1,100 people) have complained about their issue on a Facebook group.

The reports are coming out that most of them aren’t happy enough with their purchase because of the deteriorating condition of the foldable displays after using them for a few months. It eventually brings down to the question that whether the Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphones (even other foldable devices too) are capable to run for a couple of years or not.

The protective film on the foldable display becomes vulnerable and some minor cracks are also visible in the middle of the folding part which doesn’t seem good. On the other side, some unfortunate users are also reporting that Samsung repair centers or authorized service centers are not willing to take the necessary steps regarding such an issue.

Whereas earlier this year, SamMobile did mention the same kind of customer dealing after-sales service by Samsung’s service centers in smaller markets like the Netherlands where the foldable series users were treated like second-class customers when someone went to the servicing. Now, again the same kind of treatment is provided by Samsung’s service centers to its foldable lineup users regarding screen repairing or replacement.

It’s also worth mentioning that they don’t provide any screen replacement for foldable devices as of now. The only thing they do is the factory reset the device first and then they started making excuses regarding the foldable display damage towards the irresponsibility of the customer. In that scenario, affected users have to get the screen repaired or replaced by third-party retailers or services which is also inconvenient.

Well, we can also assume that a few users might not take care of their foldable devices every time which can lead to multiple issues. But for such expensive and top-tier foldable smartphones by Samsung, existing users should have multiple choices and services to choose from.

It’s definitely not like only selling the product by developing new technology and creating a huge hype. The after-sales service for all ranges of devices to the customers should be the top most priority of a reputed brand like Samsung. There is no doubt about it.

The chances are also high that maybe the manufacturing lot for the Poland region has some defects or loopholes that can cause such an issue. A Samsung spokesperson for Poland acknowledged that if the protective foil on the top of the foldable display gets detached or damaged, then the customers can immediately go to one of Samsung’s authorized service centers and replace it for free of charge only if the device is under the warranty period.

Luckily, some of the fortunate Samsung customers did get a free screen replacement of their foldable devices under the warranty claim in Poland within a very short time. However, the rest of the affected users are still in the queue to get a better resolution. Whereas some buyers are also unhappy with the limited one-year’s warranty period for such a risky, vulnerable device that costs more than $1,000 or even closer to $2,000.

Even the lucky customers also found it difficult to get the screen replacement under warranty because of the verification process and too much hassle. Now, they’re again freaking out because the same issue can happen once again which can lead to worse conditions once the warranty period will over. So, some of them are literally trying to sell out their devices to find some relief as the repairing or replacement cost is too high to bear for everyone.

As we’ve already mentioned, Samsung is one of the highest-selling smartphone brands that sold millions of foldable smartphones since 2019. Still, the company is selling its top-tier foldable flagship smartphones quite aggressively in all major countries and especially their home country. Even interested people and Samsung fans are delightfully purchasing the foldable lineup models and feel quite happy with their decisions.

It’s quite obvious that the more foldable smartphones will be sold by Samsung, the more reports and screen-related complaints will appear by the users in so many countries one by one. So, Samsung should focus on their after-sales servicing as well as the special offers regarding screen replacement or additional warranty while selling the devices. At least the buyers will take decisions more precisely about whether they will go with the foldable smartphones and take the risk right now or not.

It’s still unclear whether the affected users in Poland will file any lawsuit against Samsung or not. On the other side, Samsung should take care of the development and research more precisely to minimize the screen issues if they want half of its foldable flagship devices sold by 2025. Because durability comes first in place for a buyer who pays a lot of money.

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