PUBG: New State announced; To arrive on iOS and Android soon, pre-registrations started

I know there are millions of PUBG fans out there who know in and out of every aspect, weapons, maps, routes, and strategies to opt-in every mode of the game. Get ready for a futuristic approach with PUBG: New State. Set in 2051, the game as the name suggests, is set in the future and offers much higher graphics showcasing futuristic maps, weapons, and vehicles to tickle your adrenaline higher in the air.

PUBG Studio finally announced the next-gen PUBG: New State game that will soon arrive on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android users. Set in the future, the game’s 90-second pre-order trailer gives a sneak peek into what you can expect with the new game. Strap tight as you will be fighting 99 other players with drones, combat shields, and all sorts of futuristic weapons that can be customized during a gaming session. If you are a seasoned battle royale player, you would see a slight resemblance to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and 4 as well.

Set in the world of PUBG as we know it, the game offers many signature elements taken from the PC and mobile version of PUBG. It comes with better graphics that will push the limits of mobile gaming to the next level. Developed by PUBG Studio, the game is all set to arrive later in 2021 where it is already available for pre-registration on Google Play Store in some countries. But if you are in India, you can’t register as PUBG Mobile is banned in India.

Get ready for a whole action with drones, combat rolls, a futuristic new map dubbed as Trio based in 2051 where anarchy rules as several factions are fighting with each other to win the title of the last man standing, the PUBG: New State will blow your mind. Step up your game as you progress, register for the game to get your hands on it before anyone else.

For the Indian users, they will have to wait until the Government of India doesn’t lift the ongoing PUBG ban imposed. Krafton recently parted with Chinese giant Tencent and yet, the ban is active.

Aadil Raval

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