Qualcomm Working on an Android-powered Nintendo Switch-style Console: Report

Chipmaker Qualcomm is reportedly planning to enter the consumer electronics market with a new Nintendo Switch-style game console. The alleged Nintendo Switch knockoff will run Android 12 making it likely the first non-Pixel device to use the new OS. As per the report, this first-of-its-kind Android-powered Switch-style console will use Qualcomm’s next-generation of Snapdragon chipset — an attempt to showcase the company’s powerful chipsets in a less traditional form factor.

According to a report from Android Police, they’ve seen some non-final images of the Qualcomm game console that suggest a strong resemblance to the Nintendo Switch. The upcoming Android 12-powered gaming console will have detachable controllers on both sides and the ability to connect to larger television screens. The report claims that Qualcomm’s new Switch-style console will launch in Q1 2022, suggesting the device will “feature the next generation of Snapdragon silicon.”

Qualcomm Switch-style Game Console Features, Launch

Like aforesaid, the new game console resembles the popular Nintendo Switch and will run Android 12 OS. While the display size remains a mystery, XDA contributor Mishaal Rahman has said that the console is rumored to feature a 6.65-inch Full HD+ display. Further, the chipmaker plans to pack a large 6,000mAh battery with Quick Charge support. The device allegedly has a thicker core that makes it look like a “thicker, bulkier smartphone.” This is said to provide more thermal headroom to improve the performance of Qualcomm’s unspecified Snapdragon chip.

Apart from this, the device comes with 5G (X55) cellular technology, which is often touted to enable cloud gaming. Other known specs include Bluetooth, GPS, motion sensors, dual-zone haptics, and an SD card slot. Speaking of the OS, the Qualcomm Nintendo Switch-style console will run Android 12 with a “customized launcher.”

As aforementioned, the device is expected to launch in Q1 2022 and it is expected that Qualcomm may announce it at the end of this year alongside the company’s latest Snapdragon 888 successor. While the exact configuration is unclear, the device is said to have a target price of $300 (roughly ₹21,800). It is also said to have Epic Games Store pre-installed, apart from the common Google Play Store.

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