Queen Elizabeth: Why Did She Scold Prince Harry? What Made Prince Harry To Flew Into Rage And Use Abusive Words?

Her Highness Queen Elizabeth reportedly scolded Prince Harry. The reason being offensive language. Yes! Offensive language. Actually what happened is, Prince Harry flew into a rage over a tiara for Meghan Markel.

When Meghan Markel suddenly demanded to Queen Elizabeth’s dresser Angela Kelly. She demanded her to visit Buckingham Palace with her hairdresser.

To get the tiara. The tiara was chosen by the couple for their wedding. But Angela Kelly was unable to do so at the moment. That’s why Prince Harry just all of the sudden lost his temper. Obviously, in temper, he just got out of wits. Subsequently ends in speaking the offensive language.

Source: express.co.uk

Absolutely, there is a protocol to get an appointment first. Then only one can get access to Queen’s Jewels. That’s why Angela Kelly politely denied it.

But Prince Harry just went with the flow and ended up like this. Consequently, Angela Kelly reported this to Queen. And then her highness summoned Prince Harry. That resulted in dressing down by Queen Elizabeth.

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Additionally, the new biography of Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markel jumped into controversy. In the biography, The Queen’s confidante Angela Kelly is accused of “dragging” the feet of Duchess of Sussex, deliberately.

It is mentioned that it happened during the Royal wedding, in May 2018. But a lot of people just don’t agree with this. According to a Royal source, some people were not so close.

That’s why they didn’t know about all of these. Besides this, Prince Harry is considered as very expressive. He usually does this. Duke of Sussex let everybody around know about his anger.

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