Infamous Rabbit Announces JRPG Game Oddventure to Release in Q3 2022

If you can’t get enough of Japanese RPG or JRPG games, here’s another one that is marked to launch soon. Developer Infamous Rabbit and Publisher Pineapple Works have made it official that they will release a turn-based RPG game called Oddventure on Switch and PC via Steam in Q3 2022. The game is based on the legacy created by both Undertale and Earthbound.

According to the reports, the announcement comes after a demo was released on Steam for PC. In fact, a Kickstarter campaign has been started to go live on May 6 that will support the game’s development as it is slated to arrive in Q3 2022.

Oddventure – An upcoming JRPG Game

Oddventure Gameplay 1

Oddventure revolves around Charlie who is a rebellious teenage girl. She has anger issues and suffers from social awkwardness. Charlie is looking for her younger brother Bonzo and also looking for their way back home.

The setting is the Kingdom of Luxia taken from fairy tales of the original Grimm Brothers and has a Nietzschean twist to it. It is a turn-based game with many meaningful choices to make. In fact, depending upon what decision you take, the gameplay progresses in unpredictable ways. Satisfyingly, no one dies in the game unless it’s a horrible death to witness.

One of the many USPs of playing Oddventure is the countless pop culture references and hidden secrets that you will find as Charlie on your way to the home.

The game has a fixed vantage point and you get to see everything in and around you from an upper level. It has one of the most alluring pixel art graphics that reminds me of earlier games which is a nice touch to it. The game does have a ting of dark humor and bittersweet comedy spread across the gameplay to keep the players entertained as they embark on their journey. Of course, there are tonnes of dialogue exchanges between the characters so that you can know what’s going on.

Battle it out against enemies using the character’s mood and bear it that each battle will end on an unpredictable note. It has been marked as a “Mild, fantasy, and violence” type of game on its Steam page. Its demo has been available on Steam since February 2, 2021, while the official game is slated to arrive in Q3 2022.

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