Researchers are trying to find if Apple Watch can detect COVID-19 and flu

Apple is partnering with the University of Washington and the Seattle Flu Study for a new kind of study. All these organizations will try to find out if Apple devices can detect if its owner has COVID 19 or any other diseases related to the respiratory system including flu.

Researchers intend to find out if Apple Watches paired with iPhones can detect early stages and symptoms of the novel COVID-19 virus and flu. Apple Watches are able to track various information about their wearers such as a person’s movements and heart rate throughout the day. Moreover, the latest iteration of the watch can even monitor blood oxygen levels and even features a dedicated ECG app to monitor the health of the user’s heart.

Researchers are trying to find if Apple Watch can detect COVID-19 and flu

This information can be easily used to study whether or not the Apple Watch can determine the symptoms of the COVID -19 virus. Participants who decide to take part in the study will be offered a free Apple Watch along with a free COVID 19 test when the study begins. They will also be checked for any existing respiratory diseases.

All you have to do is fill out the survey on the Apple Research App on their iPhones. Participants are expected to wear their Apple throughout the day. In case you fall ill when the study commences, the company will provide users with a nasal swab for COVID 19 detection and asked to provide more information using the Apple Watch. If you are over 22 years old and live in Seattle in the United States, you sign up for the study using your iPhone 6S or above.

One might note that Apple trying to make its way into the medical field isn’t something entirely new. In the recent past, they had collected data from various users who were menstruating and used the health app so they can track their symptoms and cycles.


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