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Richard May Have Had A Stroke & Teddy Is Bisexual – Hollywood News

Richard’s large speech takes a devastating flip and a surprising a part of Teddy’s previous is explored in the course of the March 26 episode of ‘Gray’s Anatomy.’

A medical convention in Los Angeles reveals previous relationships and explores a brand new one. Maggie and Richard meet up at a convention in Los Angeles. Hayes involves the convention as properly and brings his children alongside to see household. This isn’t his first time at this resort the place the convention is being held. That is the place he met his late spouse. Maggie, Richard, and Hayes are joined by Teddy, who’s grateful to get out of Seattle after all of the drama.

When Richard is in his room, he will get a knock at his door. It’s Katherine! She apologizes to him and says she regrets her conduct. Richard reiterates by saying nothing occurred with Gemma. “I do know what I noticed,” Katherine quips. Richard admits that one thing virtually occurred and Gemma did kiss him. He apologizes to Katherine for not telling her. She desires to make things better with him. Richard desires her to know that she will be able to’t management him. As soon as they arrive to an settlement, they make up.

Maggie crosses paths with an outdated good friend named Winston, who labored along with her at Tufts. They’ve a steamy hookup and later have a heart-to-heart about what they’ve missed of their lives. They open up in regards to the deaths of their moms. Winston doesn’t waste any time telling Maggie that he’s fallen arduous for her in only one evening. Maggie feels the identical manner. They spend the evening collectively, too! The subsequent morning, Winston is able to make it official. He desires her to return to Boston with him or he’ll transfer to Seattle. When you understand, you understand! Maggie wants a second to consider this.

Hayes displays about assembly his spouse whereas hanging out with Teddy. Hayes’ spouse was identified with most cancers and ultimately succumbed to it. When a medical gross sales rep comes over attempting to promote them units, Hayes goes off. “Your system took her,” Hayes tells the rep. That system helped take Hayes’ spouse away from him and their children.

Teddy additionally reconnects with an outdated good friend named Claire. They begin to catch up and speak about Alison, who was Claire’s girlfriend and Teddy’s finest good friend. Allison died within the September 11 terror assaults. Seems, Teddy was having an affair with Alison. They have been in love. Claire admits she’s identified about their relationship. She discovered when she found Alison tried to name Teddy in her remaining moments.

Later, Teddy tries to apologize to Claire. She tells Claire that Owen saved her from the grief she thought would kill her. After being with Owen, Teddy has realized that Alison was in love with each her and Claire. At first, Teddy thought love couldn’t be divided. However now she believes it. She loves Alison and Owen.

Richard thinks he’s speaking about his speech with Katherine. Seems, she was by no means there. They by no means reconciled. He hallucinated the entire thing!

Everybody in Seattle has gathered to look at Richard’s speak. Katherine could be very a lot in Seattle. Richard mentions speaking to Katherine and everybody at Gray Sloan is confused. “I’ve found out methods to remedy most cancers,” Richard declares to the room. The docs at Gray Sloan start to understand one thing is just not proper. Maggie, who’s within the viewers, is aware of one thing is fallacious. She goes all the way down to attempt to get Richard off the stage. “Who’re you?” Richard asks her. She thinks he’s having a stroke. Richard is rushed to the hospital. When he asks Maggie what’s fallacious, she has no thought.

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