Riot Games is Working on Buffing Yoru with Mind Games and Misinformation

Yoru, one of the most anticipated agents in Riot’s Valorant, is a stealthy duelist which has deceiving capabilities although it had little to offer once it made its way into the game. Apparently, the developers behind Valorant are working on buffing Yoru and the update could arrive sometime in Episode 2.

Yoru and its low pick rate in Valorant

Yoru is currently at the bottom of the agent tier in the game and one of the least picked agents. Yoru was originally destined to have deceiving skills and abilities to pick apart the opponents using a number of techniques it was bestowed upon by the developers such as teleportation. There are plenty of agents in Valorant each with their different mobility and combating skills that help create chaos and kill the opponents using their aggressive skill-sets.

Yoru’s anticipation fell flat after his introduction with a 2 percent pick rate in professional matches while the North American region saw a pick rate of zero percent. His casual pick rate was just 3.1 percent. This came in as a surprise for many as Yoru was a stealthy duelist where other agents in the game believe is gun blazing. But your wait is about to end as Riot will buff up Yoru once it is introduced sometime soon.

The Upcoming Buffed Yoru

According to rycoux who is Valorant’s game designer, Yoru’s deceptive abilities will receive a huge bump. Here, Yoru will be able to use mind games and spread misinformation in an effort to pick apart the opponents which is a strategy no doubt Duelists have including Jett and Raze.

As per Rycoux, the changes to the character are being tested and it will be some time until it is ready for a mass rollout. There’s no timeline on when could Yoru receive his buffed abilities but reports suggest that it could arrive sometime in Episode 2. His balance changes are being tested as well which is something Viper received a while ago after she was considered as a low-tier agent in Valorant only to be buffed to a higher position packing more abilities than earlier.

At the moment, buffing Yoru is Riot’s priorities which means the introduction won’t take much longer.

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