Samsung Galaxy S21 will Soon Get One UI-themed Google Messages

The Samsung Galaxy S21 was released earlier this year. The Korean smartphone manufacturer tied up with Google and shipped their phone with Google Messages instead of their own messaging app.

Both companies are focusing on providing a unified chat experience across all devices since Google is continuously focusing on RCS. Samsung is known all over the world for its clunky user interface and bloatware but intends to change its image with the One UI.

Google has come with One UI-themed messaging app with a completely redesigned home screen design on the Samsung Galaxy S21. The new app also supports the one-handed UI the Samsung One UI comes with.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will soon get One UI-themed Google Messages

An XDA member going by the name Tushar Mehta recently spotted on his Exynos version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra that the new home screen of the Google Messages App is currently divided into two parts. The “Information” area that covers the upper part of the screen lets you see how many messages have been unread along with the app name. The second “interactive” area is used for searching and opening conversations.

The new division makes the app feels like it’s part of the Galaxy S21s One UI since its design language is the same as the user interface’s introduction.

The package name of the new Messages app is Pine_RC00.phone_samsung_dynamic with version number 7.9.051. Numerous Reddit users have also spotted the One UI-themed messaging app on the different version numbers of the app. This might mean that the new UI is a server-side update instead of just a version update.

We might the new messaging app preinstalled on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. One thing to note is that the Google Messages app is installed on the Galaxy S21 only in some parts of the world. If your phone does not come with the app preinstalled, you can download it from Google Play Store here.


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