Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra gets Expert RAW app that offers 16-bit RAW files

Samsung and Discovery did release a short documentary video on tigers in the last month, shot with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This latest flagship device from Samsung is by far one of the best in class premium segment smartphones in the market. This time the camera photography skill and highlighting the advantages of the Expert RAW camera app comes into the light. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is capable of taking linear 16-bit RAW files with an embedded profile for Lightroom using the Expert RAW camera app.

It offers a useful button to export files to the photo editing app that’ll come in handy. Shaaz Jung, a known wildlife photographer, demonstrated the quad-camera’s ability to focus on subjects as large as elephants and as small as spiders. Below is a short video that has been posted on the official Samsung Mobile Twitter account a couple of days ago.

The Expert RAW camera app has manual controls, which are crucial for adjusting the visuals according to the scene or object so that the overall effect is cinematic. If you are carrying the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, then you can check the Galaxy Store to find out if the Expert RAW app is available in your area. If it’s available to you, you can use this free app that comes with two free months of Adobe Lightroom.

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