Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will feature a “top secret” chipset; Likely AMD GPU-based Exynos chipset

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is likely to arrive in June or July, however, information related to its chipset remains a puzzle. It won’t pick up the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC and the Exynos 2100 SoC won’t cut as well since a prolific leaker stated that the chipset is “Top Secret”.

According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 won’t pick up the SD888 SoC (used in Chinese and American variants) or Exynos 2100 (elsewhere) of Galaxy S21 SoC as a common assumption. Rather, its chipset has been codenamed as “Top Secret”. It could be the upcoming Exynos chipset with AMD GPU that was announced at the Exynos 2100 unveiling in February 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to pick up AMD GPU-based Exynos SoC

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will feature a "top secret" chipset; Likely AMD GPU-based Exynos chipset

At the Exynos 2100 event, Dr. Inyup Kang who is Samsung’s System LSI Business’ President, said that the next flagship device will pack in the new Exynos + AMD GPU. It wasn’t mentioned if Samsung was talking about a premium chipset or a smartphone for that matter.

As per the timeline, the South Korean giant is expected to launch the new GPU in June while the custom chip with AMD GPU integrated is slated for launch in 2022. It seems like Samsung is putting it all in accelerating the schedule for the AMD GPU chipset which is internally known as Exynos 9925.

Talking about the performance, Exynos 2100 was able to perform as close to that of Snapdragon 888 SoC although the latter’s GPU did give it an edge over the GPU used by the Samsung’s in-house chipset. Things will be quite different with the speculated AMD GPU-based Exynos SoC which is likely to get a fortified graphics processing on par with that of Apple’s custom-made Bionic chipset’s graphics performance.

For comparison, Apple Bionic chipsets can squeeze in more power than a Snapdragon processor let alone any other chipset. The upcoming Exynos chipset will have an equal or even greater performance which is a big deal.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is likely to pick up OneUI 3.5 as well which is still based on Android 11. More details about the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be unfolded soon.

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